MIT Shenkar Purposeful games workshop – part 1

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During the summer I get to participate in a summer workshop for game design in MIT Game lab.
The goal l of the workshop this year is to create “meaningful games” inspired by the term “HOME” in 6 weeks.
My team consists of amazing artist from Israel named Shiri and 2 developers Miki (Israel) and Erwin (U.S.A) and Product owner from the Game lab – Sara Verrilli
The first week devoted to brainstorming and experimentation in paper prototypes for different ideas.
The technique of “paper prototype” was challenging, though precise and focused when it come to the point where you need to decide if a mechanic could work.
After dozens of discussions and attempts, we found a simple mechanic and a concept that is worth to examine that is called “Shelter”.

Building a shelter from paper folds
The idea is inspired by the famous angry bird, but is the opposite mechanic- instead of “destroying” the player “protect” creatures from any disaster that going to come, by bu
ilding a shelter structure.